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If you are looking for a company to install, service, or replace your air conditioner or heater, call Chenal Heating & Air, Inc.

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Chenal Heating & Air, Inc. offers many services for our valued commercial customers.  If its repair, maintenance, or replacement of your commercial HVAC system we can take care of your needs.

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Our team is ready to help you with your emergency heating and cooling needs, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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About Us

In 1991 the Terry Davis family met the Tony Gray family at a local church where they were both members. Due to a shared entrepreneurial spirit Terry and Tony decided to combine their talents to create their own heating and air conditioning company. With Terry’s heating and air conditioning experience and Tony’s background in business they believed they had what it took to create a successful business.

Terry brought 13 years of experience to the new business. He gained valuable residential and commercial experience by working for various heating and air conditioning companies as well as a local sheet metal union shop. During this time he took night courses at Pulaski Technical College in sheet metal.

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Our Team

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