The 40°-and-dropping temperatures that we’re experiencing this time of year may be uncomfortable, but as far as winters go, Central Arkansas has it relatively easy. Just because we don’t endure mountains of snowfall or threats of blizzards though, doesn’t mean that it’s not cold, or most importantly– that we don’t need to maintain our heaters. Don’t believe us? Here’s why you should:

Temperature Shifts

You’re a native Arkansan, and you know how the weather feels when– it’s hot April through October, cold November through February and comfortable in March. Simple. While that may be true most of the time, the only thing that’s 100% predictable about Arkansas weather is that it can never be predicted. Extreme temperatures are simple for HVAC systems that have been properly maintained all year, but if they haven’t, a major shift could result in a majorly cold winter in your home.

Money Savings

Not only can small maintenance appointments avoid large overhauls of your HVAC, but they can also save you each month on your energy bills! A heater that hasn’t been maintained regularly can result in clogged ducts and filters that air has a hard time passing through. Translation? Your already-hard-working HVAC has to work overtime to push out air and heat your home. Hello, bills!

Increased Lifespan

Similar to the way that you wouldn’t rely upon your car to run effectively if it were never maintained, you shouldn’t your heater. A regularly-serviced HVAC lasts over 10 years on average. If maintenance isn’t a priority though, that lifespan lowers and your bills do the opposite.

Improve Air Quality

Those clogged ducts and filters that we mentioned? They’re filled with dust, mold and other toxic, airborne pollutants. And with you spending even more time indoors during winter months, that’s even more time that these pollutants could be effecting you. Take care of your unit, your home and yourself by maintaining your HVAC system.

Peace of Mind

Here at Chenal Heating & Air, we stand by the belief that comfortable homes create comfortable people– and how can you be comfortable if you’re worried about your HVAC? Investing in our regular maintenance plan gives you peace of mind that not only is your HVAC cared for, but your family is too.