The Evolution of Air Conditioning

In honor of the *coolest* invention ever created, we present our historical timeline of significant achievements that helped inspire the first A/C unit for home use. Make uncomfortable temperatures in your home history by signing up for one of our residential service plans.

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5 Ways to be Cooler to Your HVAC Unit

If there were a vote for “Most Valuable Appliance” in your home, your HVAC unit would more than likely win by a landslide. Your unit keeps you cool and comfortable even when summer’s temperatures are in the triple digits, allergy and sneeze-free in the spring and comfortably cozy in Arkansas’ sporadic, winter flurries. That is, … Continue reading 5 Ways to be Cooler to Your HVAC Unit

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Is Your HVAC Fall-Ready?

You may not be able to tell by the outdoor temperature just yet, but according to the calendar, fall has arrived in Arkansas. With it comes bonfires, football games, multicolored trees, and the coziest sweater weather to ease us into winter’s frigid conditions. Before you grab your favorite pumpkin-flavored treat and crank up your heater … Continue reading Is Your HVAC Fall-Ready?

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