Roughly 40% of Americans suffer the consequences of sleep deprivation due to not getting a healthy 7-9 hours of nightly time in bed. With numbers like that, your trusted team at Chenal Heating & Air has decided to lend our expertise to help you “dream until your dreams come true.” Consider these 3 HVAC tricks…


Lower the Thermostat

Small but mighty, your thermostat has the ability to make or break your slumber. Since optimal sleep happens when your bedroom temperature is between 60° and 67°, make a habit to make it that before bedtime each night! This signals your body that the night is winding down, and you should too.


Inspect and Replace Air Filters

Poor indoor air quality is a bigger problem than most of us realize, and having sweet dreams is difficult when your sneezing, sniffling, huffing and puffing. Take advantage of your air filters’ abilities to remove allergy-causing particles that can hinder breathing. Replace your air filters every 30 days to boast better airflow and sleep.


Install a Dehumidifier in Your Home

Here in the south, we’re all too familiar with humidity. Like with most things in life though, the right amount of humidity is a balancing act. Too moist of a room leads to uncomfortable clamminess and lack of sleep– not to mention the mold and bacterial growth that it fosters. Too low of humidity on the other hand, causes thirst, dry skin abd static electricity. So what’s the magic number? Between 50-60% humidity will help count sheep and stay asleep.


Is Your HVAC Keeping You Up at Night?

We don’t claim to be rock stars or sleep experts, but when it comes to your HVAC, we have “What it Takes.” If you’re struggling to snooze or keep your home the right temperature, the two problems could have one solution– Contact Chenal Heating & Air today.