Picture this. It’s a chilly, fall Saturday night, and you’re hosting the neighborhood football watch party at your home. Things are going exactly as planned. Your house is cleaner than it’s been since you decided to spring clean last April, the crockpot queso is bubbling, and with less than an hour until kickoff, your guests will be arriving any minute. That’s when your heater, that’s been on its last leg for a while, commits a big party foul– it dies.


Nobody, including your house guests, wants to be left in that stressful and uncomfortable position. That’s why we recommend getting regular maintenance inspections on your HVAC unit. That way, we can fix the problems before they ever happen, and install a new unit for you if needed. But what exactly does that installation process look like? Let us tell you.


Comfort Specialist Visit

At Chenal Heating & Air, we understand that comfortable homes create comfortable people, and we’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service in order to ensure that comfort. To do that, we send a Comfort Specialist to your home to determine the exact equipment it needs with our Home Comfort Survey. This survey involves the following:

  • Each family has unique needs and concerns when it comes to their HVAC unit. In our initial visit, we use this time to sit down and discuss these, so that we can design a unique system that more comfortably fits your family.
  • When it comes to your HVAC, size matters. And no, bigger isn’t always better. When we visit your home, we measure room sizes, windows and ceiling heights. Then, we take it a step further by factoring in information such as which direction your house faces, duct systems, insulation and your home’s exterior and roof in order to calculate the perfect size HVAC unit for you.
  • The last step in our Home Comfort Survey is one of the most important– review. We understand that you’re putting your family’s comfort in our hands, and we want to provide the best possible results to make you the happiest with your home. We’ll make our recommendations and provide you with several options to consider. Ultimately though, the decision is yours.


Quality Control Audit

Once your new HVAC system is installed or serviced, we don’t leave you to fend for yourself. Instead, one of our owners, our Service Manager or a Comfort Specialist will revisit your home to perform a Quality Control Audit to make sure your equipment is functioning according to plan and that any and all of your needs have been met.


Let’s revisit your watch party scenario that we discussed earlier, but with a new twist. In this scenario, you’ve had your unit regularly maintained by our team at Chenal Heating & Air. We discovered that your 20-year-old unit wasn’t going to last much longer, and installed a new system for you. Now, you can sit back, relax and cheer on your favorite team with no worries at all (besides the scoreboard).