First things first– a round of applause to you for wanting to change your air filters! While many homeowners are slacking on this otherwise imperative chore, you’ve realized that the cleaner your air filters are, the more particles they catch, and the healthier your family can be. It doesn’t hurt that you’ll save a few bucks on energy costs either. But before you can start reaping the benefits, you have to actually find your filters. We’re here to help!

Typically, your air filters can be found in the return air ducts (AKA the big, metal grates that air comes out of). Whether these ducts are on your ceiling, wall or utility closet; the proceeding steps are easy. All it takes is loosening a few screws, popping out the metal grates and voilà! Your air filters. Now, while we wish finding every air filter was a breeze (pun unintended), there are times when they’re not. To help the hunt, we’ve broken down some of the most common HVAC set-ups and the locations that filters can be found in each.


Normally located in attics, garages or broad basements; these units are designed to suck air in one end, then exhaust it out the other. With these, the filter usually fits in a slot on the side of the unit where the intake is.


Because of their unusual sizing, these units are ideal for smaller locations, such as crawl spaces and basements, where space is limited. Although these HVAC units may be a different shape, the air filters are fairly similar to that of the horizontal unit– often fitted above or below the HVAC unit itself.

While finding your air return ducts may seem like a scavenger hunt, trust the pros (that’s us) when we say that it’s worth it! And if you can’t find the filters? That’s not a problem. Don’t hesitate to contact Chenal Heating & Air. Our experienced and licensed technicians are on-call to help you get more comfortable.