Winter’s icy temperatures have finally made their arrival, and many Central Arkansans feel like they only have two options to combat them– pile on layers, resemble the Michelin man and save money; or crank the heater from November-March and enjoy your home, but drain your wallet.

Here at Chenal Heating & Air, we believe that your home comfort shouldn’t have to be compromised by your bank account. That’s why we’ve compiled this list to help you shave some costs off your energy bill, without giving up the cozy comfort Arkansas winters call for.


Free Heat

Heating your home doesn’t require that your HVAC run 24/7. In fact, there’s a way to heat up your home that’s 100% free– the sun! Take advantage of the world’s natural heat source by opening your curtains or blinds during the day to allow heat in, and closing them at night to keep the cool out.


Don’t Draft

Heat’s escaping through the cracks around your home’s doors and windows– and it’s taking your money with it! Be sure to check these areas, in addition to spots where cables or wires enter your home, and caulk or weather-strip them to prevent leaks.



As it turns out, procrastinating isn’t always a bad thing! Some power companies offer discounts for doing chores like laundry and dishes at non-peak hours.


Don’t Forget Filters

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again– dirty filters are bad filters! If your HVAC’s filter has become clogged with dirt and grime, not only is it sending germs throughout your home, but it’s also causing your HVAC to struggle to produce air. The result? A sky-high energy bill.


Fireplace Problems

Keeping your fireplace’s damper open during the winter is like keeping a window open. Warm air floats right out of the chimney, and cold air sinks in to your home. This year, if you aren’t burning a fire, try keeping the damper closed. You’ll thank us later!


Maintain Your HVAC

Routine HVAC maintenance allows our team of experts to get a head-start on any issues your unit is struggling with. This way, you won’t be surprised when your HVAC stops blowing warm air in the middle of January… because you will have already had it fixed! Contact us to learn about our residential maintenance plans and our expertly trained technicians that perform them.