Imagine what the world would be like if, with the push of a button, man could control the climate. One button click over here, and the danger of icy roads are disintegrated. Another click right here, and a long-time desert drought is done. The world would be rocked!

It’s a similar feeling to what people in the mid-to-late 1800’s must have felt when HVAC ideas began to be introduced to the world. All of a sudden, with one click of a button, humans had the power to control their indoor environment in ways they had never even dreamed of doing before. As you might imagine, this didn’t dry up floods or relieve droughts, but the ability to control the weather– at least on a small scale– had some far-reaching results.


That computer, phone or tablet you’re reading this blog on? You can thank your HVAC for that too! Modern technology has come a long way, but if it gets too hot or damp, it will still fail every time. So when air conditioning was invented, it not only provided a way for computer systems to function, but it also enabled the creation of silicon chips and internet server farms to power those computers in the first place.


Believe it or not, the first HVAC-resembling machine was not invented for human comfort– it was for a printing company. Yes, in 1902, New York’s Sackett & Wilhelms Lithographing and Printing Company became exasperated at their attempts to fight humidity-curling paper, and reached out to a young engineer, Willis Carrier, for help. Carrier soon inaugurated the icy invention when he learned that circulating air over ammonia-chilled coils, lowered the humidity level.

Modern Medicine

Not only is it important for medications to stay at a certain temperature in order to be effective, but hospital patients also need that same temperature control! The invention of HVAC systems helped prevent bacteria, infections and more from being spread by continually pulling pollutants out of a care facility, and clean air in.


Ever wonder why building built in the past 100 years look so different than the ones built prior to that? It’s not because the architects weren’t creative– it’s all because to HVAC systems. The advent of heating and cooling allowed buildings to be built without concern of proximity to a fireplace for warmth or breezy rooms for cooling. Since HVACs introduced the idea of ventilation, buildings were able to get taller, bigger and more grandiose and reflective than ever before.


Whether at your home, workplace or doctor’s office; Chenal Heating & Air firmly believes that comfortable spaces create comfortable people. And while we may not be able to change the weather with a click of a button, we can change your residential or commercial comfort with one– contact us.