You may not be able to tell by the outdoor temperature just yet, but according to the calendar, fall has arrived in Arkansas. With it comes bonfires, football games, multicolored trees, and the coziest sweater weather to ease us into winter’s frigid conditions. Before you grab your favorite pumpkin-flavored treat and crank up your heater for the first time in several months, make sure your HVAC is prepared for seasons ahead.

Don’t do Drafts

The only draft your home should have this season is fantasy football’s. Take this moment of comfortably cool weather to seal any leaking windows or gapping doors with caulk or weather stripping. This quick task could save you up to 20% on energy bills once Jack Frost comes to visit.

Clear the Area

Trim back overgrown grass and fight the temptation to prop summer lawn chairs up against your HVAC unit. The more obstructed your unit’s airflow is, the harder it has to work to keep you warm. In turn? Sky high energy bills.

Change Filters

Winter’s flu season? Not this year! Reduce the germs and pollution entering your home (it’s 5x dirtier than outdoor air!) by inspecting your unit’s filters and replacing them if needed.

Have HVAC serviced

While some DIY winter prep is as easy as 1-2-3, some tasks are better left to the pros– that’s us. Contact us to handle your heating system’s sensitive equipment to make sure it performs as efficiently as possible when next season’s cold weather makes an appearance.