According to the Arkansas Department of Health, in the month of October alone, over 800 people in our state tested positive for influenza. With flu season now in full-force, you may be tempted to retreat to your home as a safe-haven, stuff your refrigerator with as many cartons of orange juice as it will hold, and crank up the heat to avoid a fever. What if we told you though, that your home may not be as safe as you hoped, and in fact, the root of your symptoms might be hiding in there? Though it’s no replacement for a flu shot, here are some HVAC steps to take to protect from infection.


Change Filters

A clean HVAC filter is more important than ever during flu season. Regardless of how meticulously you soap and scrub your home, it’s a moot point if your air is dirty and germ-filled. In fact, if your filter hasn’t been changed regularly, it’s likely full of contamination; germs, dirt and pollution, that are being spread throughout each and every room of your home.


Regular Maintenance

We’ve said it time and time again– regular HVAC maintenance is vital to the health of both your unit and your home. If your HVAC unit isn’t functioning at the highest level, your comfort isn’t the only thing that will suffer. Mold and mildew are often the first physical proof of a malfunctioning HVAC unit, causing respiratory issues that make you more susceptible to flu-causing germs.


Don’t Be Afraid of Your Energy Bill

Your wallet might thank you for keeping your HVAC turned off this season, but your body won’t. Stagnant air is a breeding ground for airborne germs and viruses, and with your body’s natural defenses suppressed from the cold, that can be a recipe for disaster.

While a flu shot might be the frontline to protect you against illnesses, a properly-maintained HVAC unit combined with a warm cup of chicken noodle soup might be the boost your immune system needs to combat flu season flu-free. Contact us today to request a quote, schedule a service call or to talk to a representative.