Sunscreen? Check. Phone chargers? Double check. HVAC System? *Cue screeching tires* You’ve packed your bags and are already daydreaming of the memories waiting to be made, but nothing puts a damper on that vacation like coming home to a mile-long energy bill. Before you head out of town, follow these steps to save money, energy and stress, and make sure your HVAC is as ready for that beach vacation as you are.

Turn It Up– But Not Off

The last suitcase is piled into the backseat, and the only thing standing between you and your summer vacation is your “to do” list. First step? Turn your thermostat from the cozy 75° that it’s usually on, up to 80°-85°. This toasty temp. may be uncomfortable to live in, but who will complain about it? You certainly won’t when you see the savings on your monthly energy bill! This ensures that your unit isn’t overworking when it has no reason to be, which saves you money on your monthly bill and your repair costs in the future.

Don’t let these decreasing dollars tempt you to turn your HVAC system off altogether though! Your HVAC system is designed to maintain a safe indoor temperature to prevent moisture and mold, as well as warped flooring, cabinets or doors that Arkansas’s extreme heat can create.

Air Filter Fundamentals

Your summer vacation is a break from work for you, but your HVAC never stops! Since it will be running for a long time while you’re gone, it’s more important than ever to install a fresh, clean air filter inside your A/C unit. This simple step keeps your unit running smoothly, preventing any malfunctions caused by dirt or dust that typically occur.

Protect Your Surge

They say, “You never know what you have until its gone.” We don’t know who “they” are, but we’re pretty sure they were talking about HVACs. Unexpected power outages, storms or power surges can occur at any time, whether you’re home or away, and wreak major havoc on your system. By installing surge protectors, you can inexpensively protect your HVAC and put your mind at ease.

Reduce Its Work Load

Give your A/C unit a chance to catch some R&R this vacation by reducing its workload. It may seem small, but the simple acts of unplugging unused electronics and leaving your curtains closed will help your thermostat read the indoor air temperature more accurately, and decrease the amount of unnecessary air cycling.

Call the Pros

Even if you’ll only be gone a handful of days, it’s always a good idea to call in the pros to inspect your HVAC unit. This way, if there are underlying issues that can only be addressed by a professional, they can be handled before you’ve left town, and you can relax knowing your home will be comfortable and cool when you return.

Your summer vacation should be full of laughter, good food and family fun– not energy bills. Contact our team at Chenal Heating & Air to get your free service quote and learn about our maintenance plans.