Bad news, Arkansas– the first day of winter was December 21, so chances are, winter’s worst is still on its way. Make sure your heater is ready for it by following these tips.


Change Your Filter

Small but mighty, well-maintained air filters not only help keep your home’s air quality high, but they also keep your energy bills low. Since these little protectors serve as a blockade against germs and allergens, it’s no wonder that they need bi-monthly cleaning to assure that fresh air can pass freely through them. Otherwise, your unit will have to work harder than necessary to warm up your home.


Check for Leaks

Black Friday may be a thing of the past, but savings don’t have to be! By simply sealing up any leaking windows or gapping doors with caulk or weather stripping, you could save up to 20% on your energy bills– no waiting in line required!


Get Ductwork Inspected

Similar to the way your air filters work (or don’t), clogged ducts force your HVAC unit to overwork in order to produce below average, pricy results. Keep your ducts clean and your home warm by calling in a professional for help.


Keep Your Unit Unobstructed

From fallen tree limbs to the smallest of toys, anything blocking your indoor air vents or outdoor unit can cause trouble. The more obstructed your HVAC is (this includes closed air vents), the more it will struggle to heat your home. This blockage could leave you with cold rooms, high bills and system damage on the way.


Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

You’ve made all of the resolutions you could to assure that 2019 is your best year yet, so don’t let winter’s beginning keep your year from getting started on the right foot. Instead, schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment with Chenal Heating & Air. With dirt and neglect being the number one causes of heater failure, this step could be the key to catching any of these HVAC glitches before they leave you out in the cold.