New Construction

At Chenal Heating & Air, Inc. we pride ourselves on custom residential HVAC installation. Every home is unique, and therefore requires a comfort system designed for that home. Our heating and air conditioning experts can help you determine the needs for your home and design an appropriate system. With our headquarters in Little Rock for more than 20 years, our experts understand the weather in Central Arkansas, and can design a system that will keep you comfortable in your home in even the most extreme weather conditions.

When working with your home builder or construction company, be sure to let them know that you want Chenal Heating & Air, Inc. to be a part of your team.

Chenal Heating and Air has worked with several developers in Central Arkansas, designing and installing HVAC systems in single homes and entirely new communities and neighborhoods. We work on residential projects of any size, whether it’s 500 or 15,000 square feet. Our goal with every project, and every person that we work with is simple, to create a HVAC system that is tailored to your needs. We do this through teamwork with builders, developers, and subcontractors, and paying attention to every necessary detail, in order to install a system that not only meets your needs, but also meets Arkansas Codes, as well as any local codes in Little Rock, North Little Rock, Conway Bryant, Benton, or whatever city you may live in.

Our service and installation team receives up to date training, and use up to date methods for all aspects of the installation, from the system to the duct sealing. All of the products that we use are UL listed, EPA approved, and Energy Star Rated, and we take care to keep all of our materials clean during the homebuilding process.