Whether you’re replacing an existing system that is no longer capable of meeting your comfort needs, finishing off a garage or basement, adding on to an existing structure or performing a complete home renovation Chenal Heating & Air, Inc. has the resources and staff to make this as efficient and positive of an experience as possible. From the smallest projects to the largest renovations for honesty, quality workmanship and reliable equipment look to Chenal!

Comfort Specialist Visit

When it comes to your HVAC equipment, the first step in the remodel process is for one of our Comfort Specialists to visit your home for a Home Comfort Survey. The purpose of this survey is to provide our Comfort Specialist with the opportunity to obtain the information necessary to determine the specific equipment to meet your home comfort needs.

What is a Home Comfort Survey and what does it involve?

  • Our Comfort Specialist will come to your home, sit down with you and discuss your needs and concerns so we can design a system specific to those needs.
  • We will determine the right size equipment for your home so it won’t be undersized or oversized. We measure things like room sizes, window openings and ceiling heights. We also factor in the direction your house faces, insulation R values, what type of exterior, and roof your home has. Then we do a Load Calculation to know the exact size your home needs.
  • We will also take a look at your existing equipment as well as your duct system.
  • Then the Comfort Specialist will review this information with you. He will give you several options to consider and may even make a recommendation. However, the decision is ultimately yours on whether you decide to have the existing system or equipment repaired or replaced.

Quality Control Audit

Once your HVAC equipment is installed, our comfort specialist will revisit your home to perform a Residential Quality Control Audit. The purpose of this visit is to verify that all equipment is installed correctly and functioning properly and all of your concerns and needs have been addressed and met.

What happens when an installation is complete?

  • After we have completed an installation, a Quality Control Audit is performed. This is usually done by office personnel who may include one of our Owners, our Service Manager, or our Comfort Specialist.
  • A Quality Control Audit is a checklist of the things that are supposed to be done. This not only includes inspection of the new equipment installation, but also the cleanliness of the jobsite.