Tips to Keep Your Home Cozy This Winter

Winter is here, Arkansas. We have had a few blips of Arctic freeze where the temperatures have dipped into the teens. Statistically, though, our coldest months lie ahead. According to, the coldest months in Arkansas are typically January and February. Follow these simple tips to keep the temps inside your home warm and cozy.

Seal Off Unused Space
Close doors and windows. Seal off unused rooms in your home. Keeping the unused spaces closed off reduces the cost of heating your home and keeps drafts from these unused spaces from creating a chill in your house.

Check and Seal Windows and Doors
Inspect all the windows and doors in your home for leaks. Winterize them by installing weather stripping and DIY plastic window weather sheets. This cuts the drafts coming into the house from outside and can dramatically improve the comfort inside the home.

Check Your Fireplace
Make sure that your chimney and fireplace is inspected and cleaned every year. Avoid using a traditional fireplace. A fireplace is often nostalgic and may seem warm and cozy from the inside, but it can suck warm air from your home right up the chimney. When not in use, make sure that the fireplace damper is closed and that it is sealed to avoid cold downdrafts into your home as well.

Tune Up Your Furnace
Make sure that you engage your HVAC professional to inspect and tune up your furnace for maximum efficiency before the sub-freezing temps hit.

Inspect and Improve Insulation
Check the insulation in your home. Insulation often settles. If you have less than 7 inches of insulation, add insulation to help retain the warm air in your home.

Open South-Facing Window Covers
Once you have done what you can to avoid losing the warm air that is in your home, maximize the warmth of the sun during the short winter days. Open drapes and blinds on any south-facing windows.  Let the sun warm those rooms. This will reduce the strain on your furnace during the day. And if your home is thoroughly insulated and winterized, you will be able to retain much of that natural heat into the evening.

These are our tips for keeping the house warm and cozy. What are your favorite tips or tricks for keeping the cold Arkansas weather at bay through the first months of the new year?