Although we hate to be the bearers of bad news, we also understand that a functioning HVAC unit can make the difference between a satisfying summer and a sweaty one. If you’re experiencing any of the signs below, your HVAC may be on its last leg. Contact us today before summer strikes!

No Cold Air

It may seem obvious, but it should still be said. If your AC unit has stopped blowing cold air, it’s likely time for a replacement. Sure, you could make frequent repairs to extend your unit’s life, but you’ll want to consider the cost of that in comparison to the cost of a new unit.

Moisture Messes

Whether it’s leaking refrigerant or a blocked drain tube, moisture of any kind around your HVAC is a big “no no.” If you spot any signs of liquid, address the issue immediately before mold is given the chance to grow.

Sky-High Bills & Regular Repairs

We’ll be the first to admit– technology has come a long way in the past few decades. If you just traded in your family vacation for a handful of HVAC repairs, your system is costing too much. Although it will be an investment, consider a more energy-efficient system that could save you upwards of 40% on your monthly utility bills.

Varying Temperatures

If you’re sweating in one room of your home and shivering in the next, you could have debris blocking your vents, a compressor problem or an improperly sized unit. Regardless of the cause, you want your home– your whole home– to be comfortable. If your current HVAC can’t do that, we’ll get you one that can.

Monster Noises

Your HVAC unit should hum… not howl. If your system is banging, growling, grinding or sputtering; it’s time to contact us. All parts of your AC system should work together silently, and if they aren’t, it could be indicative of a broken, misplaced or improperly lubricated part.

Whether your HVAC unit is showing these signs of failure or you’re simply trying to prevent them, don’t hesitate to contact us.  From Morrilton down to Benton, our NATE-certified technicians provide customers with the highest level of service in order to provide the highest level of comfort in your home.