Something unusual happened last week. Within a handful of sleeps, Central Arkansas weather went from cold, cloudy and, in some locations, flurry-filled; to sunny, warm and springlike. It was glorious.


While these days may be here to stay, there’s also a chance that they won’t be. And with those kind of odds, what’s a homeowner to do in order to stay comfortable? Does switching your thermostat from heat to cool and back again cause unnecessary stress on your unit? Should you shiver and sweat out the season? Read on to learn how to make the switch the right way.


Be Prepared

Ready or not, warm weather’s coming! Before temperatures skyrocket from “sunny” to “sweltering,” it’s important to make sure that your unit’s ready for that jump. A simple HVAC maintenance appointment will guarantee that your electrical connections are tight, your ducts are cleaned and your unit is in good shape. And as we’ve learned from 28 years of business in Central Arkansas, heat can come quickly, so the sooner that you can schedule your maintenance appointment–the better!


Stock Up on Filters

A 1,600-square-foot home collects roughly 40 pounds of dust each year. To put that sneezy stat into perspective, that’s the same weight as the average 4-year-old. Not only does this dust circulate pollution through your home, but it also interferes with the efficiency and lifespan of your HVAC. Make sure you’re set for the next season’s temperatures by stocking up on filters to be changed at least every 30 days. Your family, your HVAC and your wallet will thank you.


Making the Switch

Now that your HVAC is in good shape and your filters are clean, it’s time to swap heat for cool. And for those concerned about your HVAC unit being a frequent switch hitter? Relax. If you’re making the swap the right way, your unit will be able to handle it. Whether you’re switching from heat to AC or vice versa, be certain that your system is able to complete its cycle. With the thermostat set on “auto,” let your unit run until it reaches your set temperature and it switches itself off. Once that occurs, flip the thermostat setting to “off,” wait five minutes, then switch it back on in the new setting that will make your home its most comfortable.


Don’t Trip

They say that patience is a virtue, and when it comes to switching your HVAC’s setting, it’s also vital! The five-minute waiting period that we discussed above, allows your unit’s refrigerant pressure to return back to normal. Otherwise, the pressure could get too high, lock up and lead to a tripped breaker and no heat or air at all. So practice your patience, make small temperature changes and enjoy a cozy, comfortable home.



While switching frequently between heating and cooling can be done properly, it’s important to know that it also puts slight strain on your system. Instead of sweating through summer or shivering through winter, simply practice switching your unit the right way and, if there are any issues, contact Chenal Heating & Air. We believe that comfortable homes create comfortable people, and that means enjoying all four seasons in your home–regardless of when they might occur.