There’s something about spring cleaning that prepares you for the whole season. Maybe it’s the smell of your lemon-scented cleaning supplies, or maybe it’s simply the act of getting your laundry folded and moved off your “junk chair.”


Whatever the quality is that you most like about spring cleaning, it’s easily lost behind the muggy scent of your unfiltered air conditioner. That’s why we’re here to give you tips on keeping your house- your whole house- in tip top shape.


Clean your bathroom fans

Take the cover off your bathroom fans and wash it in soapy, warm water to remove dirt and grime buildup. While those are soaking, you can clean dirt off the fan blades with an old toothbrush or wash rag.

Vacuum your vent covers                     

Your AC vent covers may not look dirty at first glance, but a closer inspection will probably reveal the dust bunnies that have been living there all year. First, make sure your air conditioning unit is turned off. Then using the vacuum cleaner’s wand tool or the soft-bristle brush attachment, remove any loose dust from the outside of the cover. Once this is done, use a screw driver to remove the vent from the wall, and wipe both sides clean with a damp rag and soapy water.


Don’t forget your vents

No matter how clean your home is, we all have dirty air vents. That’s why, while you’re already spring cleaning, you should take a moment to do this extra deep cleaning step. With your AC unit still turned off and your vent covers removed from the previous step, take advantage of your vacuum’s attachments again. This will allow you to reach the herd of dust bunnies that are too far to reach with your arm alone. Once the big mess is out of the way, grab your duster to remove the remaining residue.


Check and replace your air conditioning filters

While HEPA filters can last for about half a year, fiberglass filters can only last around 4 weeks. When your filters are dirty, they not only blow in allergens and dust, but they also slow down the flow of air. This wastes energy, increases your utility bill and can lead to your entire system failing.
Follow these tips this spring and put a little fresh air and energy savings into your cleaning efforts.